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Standing up for Myself - a Foreign Concept
Growing up, I had to stifle my feelings. My opinions didn’t matter. No one cared how my day went because someone else always had it worse. This led to unhealthy coping mechanisms and allowing myself to be walked all over. 

I was in my first relationship at 19. 
We were together for nearly five years. 
We often slept in different rooms. 

I was scared to come home because I knew he would yell at me. He told me frequently that I needed to lose weight, stand up straight, shut up, etc., but yet he insisted we have sex every day.

I joined Vitality 3 years into my relationship. I was looking for something to do because my boyfriend never wanted to leave the house. I was looking to lose weight in hopes he would miraculously become attracted to me. But what I found was the complete opposite of what I was looking for.

My relationship still went on for two years after I joined the studio. Dancing was fun. I was able to move my body in ways I didn’t think I could. I was making new friends, but evolving takes time. 

I took Secret Wardrobe, and that’s when I realized what my life was. 

I wasn’t happy. 
I didn’t love myself. 
I was doing everything for everyone else. 

I was in a dead-end relationship with someone who didn’t respect me.

I woke up a few mornings later, and it just clicked. 

I was done. 

I ended the relationship, and I moved out. I started over, and it was painful. This was the first taste of standing up for myself. Since that moment, I have put my best effort forward into doing what’s best for me: 

No more toxic relationships, jobs, obligations. 
I take more risks. 
I invest in myself. 
I am no longer afraid to be alone. 

I moved across the country by myself. I take myself on dates, I’ve performed in front of 500+ people. I am an instructor at Vitality because that’s how important the mission is to me. 

I allow myself to feel everything life throws at me. 

But I do not give up, and I do not falter. 

On the days I fall, I have a community of women to lift me up. This is just a piece of what I have gained from Vitality. 

Every woman’s journey is different, but we all are experiencing the same thing - learning to love ourselves and the body we are in.

Customer for Five Years

Photo by Allyssa Sweet, Beaut-I-Miss Photography

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