Powering Women
As a speaker, teacher, performer, and entrepreneur, Cat Cantrill has one mission: to Empower Women. 

Everything changed for Cat many years ago on a rainy night in a trailer park, defending her two kids against a drunk maniac. 

Since that time, she opened her own burlesque dance studio and has gone on to become a successful lecturer, coach, and inspirational leader for her tribes of women.
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Mother. Choreographer. Dancer. Entrepreneur. Professional Encourager.

My mother told me when I was a little girl that I was a great dancer... But I would never make it...

I loved my mother, but twenty years later I own a dance studio.

More on that in a second. 

Like most women, I got married young to the wrong guy. Had two kids and moved to Detroit. Divorced and went to work in the insurance industry. I ended up in a cubicle.

You ever worked in a cubicle? They are tiny fuzzy prisons where people put up pictures of their family on gray walls and pray for five o'clock. The insurance industry is tough. It's like being a fireman, but never going outside or helping anyone directly. You see all the awful things that people suffer from, talk to widows, deny claims. It was heartbreaking. 

So I decided to branch out and take a leap of faith... I went to the bank and get a business loan. I opened a burlesque dance fitness studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa... 

From there I struggled with getting my message right, surviving the first few years of business, and getting the local population to love the studio!

We have put on sold out shows for years and continue to empower women with our fitness and dance classes. 

A few years ago, I wrote a book about empowering women through the application of lipstick called Kick Ass Red Lipstick and founded a large online community by the same name... 

I also have a seven week confidence and fitness program that has helped hundreds of women... It's called Secret Wardrobe. 
A Few Note-Worthy Events...
The 'Her Awards' recognize women of achievement. Cat was among the inaugural group to receive the honor. Sixty of her students and supporters showed to join the ceremony.
Cat with her supporters at the Award Banquet
Cat was nominated as a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year: 2016. Cat's mother was fighting for her life from Lymphoma at the time. While her mother lost her battle, Cat was able to raise almost $30,000 to fund blood cancer research. 
Most of you know Cat, but have you seen her most recent interview?

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-Jo Miller, Founder of Be Leaderly and international speaker.
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Cat and a fellow female entrepreneur founded an annual Vintage Lingerie Show called "Show & Tell". The show encourages women to get their hair and makeup done by local professionals, then walk the cat walk in a vintage lingerie. The experience transforms women's idea of their body, self impression, and limitations. 

"I teach women that it doesn't matter what you're wearing on the outside, that if you know you're wearing something a little special for yourself underneath, it boosts their confidence," Cantrill said.
"Cat Cantrill, an Iowa-based entrepreneur and performer, started Kick Ass Red Lipstick, a foundation with a mission to empower and transform women. It starts with a simple step, of urging participants to post a picture of themselves wearing the shade, not lip balm. The idea is to embrace yourself as the most important being in your life. ‘We encourage using lipstick. Many women initially refuse to wear it, and slowly transition from lip balm to crimson lipstick,’ writes Cantrill in her blog."

"Think about it, when you apply lipstick, you are applying an anchor to an empowered state which is triggered, over and over, by applying lipstick. Every time you apply lipstick and feel empowered, you deepen this anchor state.

Picture this in your mind. You are preparing for your day. Your hair and makeup are done. You are dressed in a way that makes you feel powerful. You look through your lipstick collection and find the perfect shade...." -Cat

“So many women are telling themselves on a constant basis that, ‘This is my story and I can’t change it’,” Cantrill said. “What we’re trying to prove to women is that they have power to their story, no matter what their past is.” -Cat
During this "Talk of Iowa," host Charity Nebbe talks with Cat Cantrill, who founded Vitality, a dance studio in Cedar Rapids. Cantrill is a burlesque instructor and uses dance to help women she works with fall in love with their bodies. 
“Every woman wants the courage to do this, but doing it is a little scary,” said Regina Davis, another member of The Va Va Voom, who admitted her sister-in-law had to “drag” her in “kicking and screaming.” She was afraid to be so vulnerable.

“The hardest part is getting in the door, but once you’re in, you never leave,” she said.
Unlike many gyms or other programs, Vitality isn't just about losing weight or building muscle. It's about empowering and transforming women, by giving them a "safe space" to love themselves and their bodies, Cantrill said.
Please Note: While Cat believes anyone can be successful, she does not participate in Direct Sales, MLM, or Network Marketing. Please do not ask to meet and then pitch your opportunity. She will not promote your opportunity, give you access to her list, or be involved in any way. We have tons of women who come to Vitality who work in direct sales. Nothing against the programs, it is just not what Cat does... ;)