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You Have Everything You Need...
Except That ONE THING....
Sound familiar?

Your needs are met... 

You have a nice place to live, good job, maybe you own a business... 

By most accounts, you have it all... 

Yet, men discount your worth because of your gender... (Even men close to you)

You have vast responsibilities at your job... 

You are in charge. The REAL boss lady... 

But when you get home, you feel like a maid. 

Cleaning up behind men, children and beasts. 

You run the show at work, but at home, you clean toilets. 

Everyone is completely dependent on you to tell them about every aspect of their lives, "Where did I leave my phone...! Did you move my phone?"

They blare their problems at you... Hinting that you might have your own problems, they scurry off in different directions. 

At Work... Men tell sexist jokes in the board room. 

They tease you, "Because you are one of the guys..."

You pick up after a pile of ungrateful people... From managers to vendors. 

Your customers need so much hand-holding, it is as though you are running a psych ward. 

How You See Yourself: Strong, Confident, Leader

How the world sees you: Their Personal Secretary, Punching Bag, Servant

You have to be masculine to fit in the Boy's Club. 

You have to be masculine at home because it makes you feel less powerless. 

What's missing?

Remember what it felt like to be in charge of that mysterious side of your life?

When you felt gorgeous?

You felt desired and powerful.

It's about owning your feminine again. 

You are stuck in your masculinity, thinking it's the only thing that gets you what you want... 

You are stuck in your masculinity. 

I hear this shit all the time... "Ambition and Ass Kicking are Masculine traits."

Fuck that. 

If we believe all the entrepreneurial, male-centric bullshit, the only way to get around this is become MORE like a man... 

When the opposite is true. When we step into our feminine, things change rapidly.
When we regain control of our inner mother, sister, or lover, we can grab the proverbial stick out of the hands of manhood. 

We stand up to our husband's and tribes, our jobs and our employees and tell them that you are taking your power back. If they don't like it, they can get stuffed. 

Does this sound like the woman you might like to be? 
She is having tea on the front porch as her family scurries off to go to jobs or school. She smooths a ripple in her silk pajamas on her legs and smiles. 

She doesn't volunteer her time. Her boundaries are part of her feminine power. 

She tells the men in the board room that she is quitting to start her own firm... they beg her not go... 

She stopped cooking meals for her grown kids. They beg her to make their favorite meal. She offers to show them how to cook it...

If you want help getting to that point... I think we should talk... 

Here's who I can help... 

Women who make a good living. If you are struggling to get your needs met, this is not the place to start... 

So I am doing a one hour Strategy Call with Me. 

What you are going to get:

One hour free Strategy Call... 

We will talk about what you want for yourself (independent of the kids, jobs, and spouses, ex-husbands, etc.)

If we think we are a good fit for each other (I don't have time to help everyone) we can talk about how I can help you. 

Why Do I do this? 

A certain percentage of women who get on the phone with me end up becoming clients. 

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